Content Is King, Design Is Queen, Conversation is the Life!!!


Dipti Nair

Digital Marketers have for long spoken about Content & Design. Great content leads to increased interactions, curiosity & excitement. Design started to gain importance when marketers began focussing on how it user interface & user experience played an important role in Content Marketing. This led to the prominent title – Content is King & Design is Queen.

Now i want to introduce the third element that’s crucial for brands in the Digital Space. These are CONVERSATIONS. While Content & Design are planned forms of communication to showcase a promotion, Conversations are those that happen in real-time to enhance & build buzz about your Brand, Product or Service. Conversations use Content & Design to grasp chaos & hence contribute to overcome the limitations of social media platforms which are mostly used as mere publishing platforms.

Unlike Content & Design, Conversations are the ones that give Life to the Brand. They enable brands to create Brand Personality when they connect with their customers. They facilitate in building a community that can amplify their buzz on their own favorite social media platforms. This allows for cross channel social media marketing.

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