Job Satisfaction


Himani Patel

Job Satisfaction:


Job Satisfaction is a feeling of Job Happiness. It comes from His or Her Job.

Employee Job satisfaction is equally important for employer.

it represents the difference between employee’s expectations and experience he/she derives from the job.


  • Facets of Job Satisfaction


Job content facet

  • Work characteristics
  • Amount of work
  • Compensation


Job context facet

  • Co-workers, Colleagues, Supervisor, etc.
  • Working conditions
  • Growth and development opportunities
  • Policies and rules of organization


  • ·  Causes of Job Satisfaction


Experience is Number of years worked in respected field.

it is that amount of participation with the organization which employee has been engaged.  



 It has major role in job satisfaction which derives from employees’ past association / Company / Organization.


Social Learning:

 It belongs to the environment in which employee is working. Also belongs to the people to whom employee interacts, Discuss formally or informally, Manager, supervisor, Conditions, rules etc.



Genetic predispositions are important in the context of job satisfaction as people. According to research, about 30 percent of the job satisfaction is based on the heredity components.







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