Top 5 Things That Make People Feel Loved


Smit Mistry

Introducing ... the Love Survey!

 ("Most people feel loved when they feel accepted," or "Most people feel loved when they get a compliment from a stranger.")

 researchers tackled this question using "cultural consensus theory," which basically means they asked people not about what makes them feel loved personally, but about what makes most people feel loved. The assumption behind this is that there's a cultural definition of love, communicated to us through romantic comedies, Vows columns, and the like. Even if we don't all want it for ourselves, everyone instinctively understands it.

True Love Is Friendly?

the top five things that made people feel loved were (drumroll, please):

5. Feeling close to nature.

4. Someone telling them "I love you."

3. Their pets being happy to see them.

2. A child snuggling up to them.

1. Someone showing compassion toward them in a difficult time.

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