4 Ways that Fiction can change our Reality


Deeksha Honawar

Fictional stories, whether read or watched, impact us on many levels. Here are 4 ways in which the fictional world can change our reality. 

  1. We walk in other's shoes.

After reading or watching fictional stories, we put ourselves in the character's situation and begin to look at the world in their perspective.


  1. Their stories shape our mind.

Most fictional stories cover a cultural background with places, people or other cultural or geographical references that we are mostly unaware of. The knowledge mentioned in these stories shapes our minds to better understand and communicate with the world around us.


  1. We are more open to new possibilities.

The commendable and extraordinary tasks achieved by protagonists in stories expose us to a new way of looking at our reality and even questioning them. We become more open to coming up with new possibilities and take chances based on the experiences the story’s protagonist relates to.


  1. They spark a change within us.

After having related to the protagonist’s life within the story, we are affected mentally and begin to change the ways that we look or act within our reality. A sense of change is bound to occur within you after you read or watch a fictional story and this is also why it is important to engage in fiction that impacts you in a positive way.


Fiction thus influences our reality in these 4 ways and helps us to a see different world within our current surroundings. Fiction is hence an important tool that helps one change perspective as well as become well aware of the world around them.

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