Things which people notice about your Personality


Himani Patel

Things Which People Notice About Your Personality


Going in professional world is really means that you have to build a good and positive impression. There are five things which is noticed by People as Professional.

There are five things Which People Judge and Notice about your personality. Positive impression makes our half work done. If we are going to meet or for job interview, we should take care about several things.

The things which people notice about you is listed as below:

  1. Greeting
  2. Small Talk
  3. Body Language
  4. Dress
  5. Personal Hygiene


1] Greeting:  Greeting People whom you meet. It builds a very positive Impression.

2] Small Talk: Too much talk makes other people bored. We should talk about purpose of meeting and no other things. We should talk small and at point when it requires.

3] Body Language: Gesture is crucial. Too much facial expression, hand moments are not good. Body language indicates your interest.

4] Dress: We should carry ourselves by wearing Simple and professional dress which make ourselves comfortable and presentable.

5] Personal Hygiene: Make yourself comfortable by maintaining personal hygiene.


The above five things make yourself presentable, confident, positive and it also build a good and positive impression.





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