The 5 Steps to Learning a new Skill - Josh Kaufman's Theory


Deeksha Honawar

To be equipped with any particular skill requires a certain amount of time and practice to get to a substantial level. There is the commonly used "10,000 Hour" theory which states that to learn any given skill, you need to invest 10,000 hours to be the best at it. But Josh Kauffman's theory challenges this notion through his extensive research to come up with a broadly devised 5 Step Plan to learn anything and everything in just 20 hours. 



Here are his 5 steps in the given order:

    1. Decide your exact goal

Envision yourself having achieved your goal and what that would feel like. This step is necessary to be sure of what you really want to achieve and accomplish by learning that skill. Kaufman says that the clearer you see what you want to be able to do, the easier it will be for you to find ways to accomplish your goal faster and sooner.


  1. Deconstruct the skill

The skill that we want to learn is usually many subskills that are performed together uniformly for the perfect result. The perfect combination of these subskills when performed harmoniously make us perform well at the whole task. Once you deconstruct your skill, you get the opportunity to practice the most important skills that can help you be the best at what you learn.


   3.  Research

The researching, Kaufman says, is necessary not only to identify and verify the subskills that you have chosen to be the most vital ones but also to understand your skill well enough to correct yourself whenever you go wrong. Finding tutorials online or reading books about the skill are a few ways that you can follow through this step.

But it is important to remember that this research is not to be a mode of procrastination, so pick 2 to 3 main resources and skim through them. While you skim, note down the sentences that you come across often. Once you know you have all the required information about the skill, move onto the next step.


   4. Removing barriers

This step simply involves you practicing the skill without any distractions. Switching off the Wifi or turning off your phone are a few ways that can help you focus on practicing your skill so that you give it 100%.


   5. Commit to 20hrs of practice

Commit to practicing your new skill for at least 20hrs with focus and complete concentration before you begin. That's it!

These 5 steps devised by Josh Kaufman are all it takes to learn a new skill.

Strategic effort directed in the right path with undivided attention is all that is needed to learn a new skill. All you need is to invest your time and effort in the right places to reward yourself with the reward of knowledge. So now that you know, go ahead and try it out! Keep learning and keep growing.

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