The Way You Draw a Circle Says a Lot About You


Smit Mistry

What's Your Stroke Order?


Let's start with a couple fun facts: If you're American, there's an 86 percent chance that you draw your circles counterclockwise, while 80 percent of people living in Japan draw their circles in the opposite direction. How do we know? In November 2016, Google released an AI game called "Quick, Draw!" Similar to the game Pictionary, users are given a drawing prompt, then Google's algorithm attempts to guess what your masterpiece is in 20 seconds or less. Quartz then used their data of 119,000 unique circles to reveal how different people draw circles. They discovered that the direction in which you form your circle is surprisingly "linked to geography and cultural upbringing, deep-rooted in hundreds of years of written language, and significant in developmental psychology and trends in education today." Just apply some simple geometry to the data, and voilà!


There are only two ways to draw a circle — clockwise and counterclockwise — and each nation strongly favors one or the other. 

" Stroke order is so important in these countries, in fact, that it "can even signal education level."

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