Search Engine Optimization(SEO) vs Social Media Marketing(SMM)


Dipti Nair

Digital Marketing is indeed a great way to establish your business presence in the market.The world is moving towards being fully digital,it is fair enough to say that digital marketing is the next big thing.In the process, question arise as to which strategy would be best suit to one's business.Should one choose to invest one's time and money in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) or Social Media Marketing(SMM)?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) utilizes website optimization techniques to promote web traffic.It helps one's website get more visibility and improve the chances of one's business being found online.Organic search engine optimization techniques improve the sites ability to appear on the first page of the search results.It primarily focuses on link building.Whereas,Social Media Marketing(SMM) focuses more on creating content that attracts the attention of the readers and encourages them to share or mention it in one's social media networks.

The basic question which arises is How long does it take for any campaign to start working? SEO results depends on various factors such as website, content,keywords and much more.There is no particular time or range in obtaining results in SEO.Whereas,in SMM,the results can be obtained easily and quickly.For example,Facebook enables you to set a budget for the week or month.It also enables you to set how long you want to run the campaign for and it gives you a comprehensive report for the same.Since the targeting on social media is very clear and specific,it is easy and quick to get the results. 

Social media platforms are nowadays being used widely.When it comes to the number of people your campaign would reach to, I would say it depends on what audiences wants and what your business has to offer.If the audiences wants to search something they would prefer going to one of the search engines rather than finding it up on social media site.Even today, a lot of people rely on Google,Yahoo to get answers for their queries.Whereas if your objective is to make your business visible,Social Media would be the best platform for it.Millions of people are active on social media and the chances of your business getting noticed are way higher than that of search engines. 

Targeting audiences plays a very important role in digital marketing.Targeting on Social Media is well defined and straightforward.You can easily choose a set of audiences depending on their interests and demographic which best suits your business.Whereas when it comes to SEO, the data available may or may not be real in time.You cannot define your audiences. 

Hence,SEO and SMM may have a lot of differences but to be a successful and recognized entity on the digital marketing front,individuals and businesses need to invest in both.According to me,they both go Hand in Hand.If you invest in SMM to spread brand awareness,it is important to work on SEO side as well because the audiences would definitely head over to search engines to find out more about your business and vice versa

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