6 Lessons we can learn from Finland’s Education system

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Deeksha Honawar


Quite a few years ago, the Finnish education system was no different than that of the USA. But due to the poor impact and diminished effects of their system on the students, Finland decided to change their education system completely. Their changes were so impressive that now their students stand on top of the economy today when it comes to education.

To know how they made this exponential progress, these were the changes they put into action:


  1. No Homework

They believe that children after school should not be given homework so that they have the time to enjoy their other curricular activities like sports, music and reading. They even encourage smaller activities such as climbing trees with the mindset that the child would be more curious about climbing. Their basic intention with this action is to encourage co-curricular activities­­ in their students’ lives.



  1. Short school hours

The pre-primary schools in Finland had taken this action of having just 20 hours of school in a week when they realized the importance of relaxing the brain. They believe that a constantly work brain could never really learn and found the long hours of school time completely useless. The results of this change were that the students started to perform much better at school while they attended school less!


  1. No Standardised Tests

The Finnish Education system is against the standardized test format that most countries use for examination. They believed that such exams only teach students on how to perform well on one particular form of evaluation of their knowledge, and hence they have abolished it from their system completely.


  1. Going beyond the Necessities

The Finnish education system teaches their students not only all that they need to know like maths and science but also things that they don’t necessarily need to know like literature, music, art, stitching and even cooking! The reason behind this that they teach their students to channel all the different parts of their brains to give them the perfect and complete learning experience!


  1. Zero Competition

The Finnish education system treats each of their schools as the best and at par with every other school. Each school teaches the same curriculum and hence no private school exists in Finland! This action eliminates any competitive actions that schools may apply to appear superior while those actions are very harsh on the students’ learning experience.


  1. Overall Wellbeing as the primary concern

Be it the Math teacher or the Arts teacher, each educator of the Finnish education system has the happiness and contentment of their students as their highest concern. They look for the wellbeing of their students no matter what they teach and actively want their students to have a social life, make friends and simply have a great life ahead of them after their schooling.



Although all these pointers may seem unusual, absurd or even incorrect to some, it is all these methods that have proven to other nations and their education systems that having an open mindset and being empathetic towards the lives of students can genuinely improve their lives and, in turn, your nation’s wellbeing too.

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