8 Ways to Be a Minimalist


Deeksha Honawar

8 Ways to Be a Minimalist

(Extracts from the book “Essential Essays by the Minimalists” by Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus)



It is very common in today’s time to find people who have all the wealth and popularity in the world, and yet they find themselves to be depressed, sad or just unhappy. Contradictory to what society deems to be a successful life, it may not always mean a life of happiness and fulfillment.  

Minimalists believe that a surplus of superficial things is the root cause of such unhappy feelings. They hence disregard any societal norms or regulations and have their own rules for leading a happy life.

Minimalism can be defined as living with less, to make room for more and book, “Essential Essays by the Minimalists” covers the philosophical and practical ways of practicing minimalism. Becoming a minimalist is simple- identifying the essentials and letting go of the rest. But here are the 8 ways that you can become a minimalist in the different phases of your busy, urban life in between the amenities of modern-life:


  1. Decide if it’s worth it

Before purchasing or getting home any object, think of the true value of the possession and weather this object will genuinely be equal to the time and money that you spend on it? If not, then let go of it. One way to decide on this is within the span of 90 days, if you haven’t used this item, it’s time to let it go.


  1. Minimize your time online

Minimizing your time online to only 2 to 3 hours in a day is a way of cutting off on unnecessary hours of that get utilized each day while browsing through unnecessary information that adds zero value to your life.


  1. Letting go of Bad Habits

Many a time, long-term bad habits are what make you lose more money than buying luxury items. Hence cultivating good habits when it comes to finances, health, relationships.


  1. Decluttering your mind

Mental clutter can wear you down just as much as physical clutter. But to maintain a clutter-free mind requires you to keep your physical health in order. So daily exercise is important for a healthy mind as well as body. Distancing yourself from negativity is the best way to liberate yourself from unhappiness both mentally and physically.

Another way to decluttering your mind is practice this habit- at the end of the day, note down what made your day good or bad and write down the exact event that made it so. This gives you a lot of clarity on how to deal with what makes you happy and what causes you to be sad.


  1. Gift Experiences

When giving to asking for gifts or rewards, choose experiences when compared to material objects. Experiences help us grow and expand our bond with others and hence, experience is much more valuable than any materialist presents.


  1. Prioritize

Prioritizing what’s important is vital for productivity. When you spend most of your free time scrolling through social media or watching T.V, that becomes your priority. So recognize your priorities and keep them higher than your daily distractions.


  1. Value your Health

You do not need to become a health freak, but simply setting up a daily exercise routine and eating enough of fruits and vegetables a day is all you need to do to keep your health in check.



  1. Develop meaningful relationships

Don’t spend time with people out of convenience or because you wouldn’t want to spend your time alone. Rather spend your time with people whom you value and those that add to your life. Remember, it’s always quality before quantity.


Life is an acquired taste. Just like how you taste the bitterness of coffee first but soon develop a taste for it, life with such big changes may first seem shocking and bitter. But once all the excess clutter is out, you will soon develop the true taste for life and recognize to live with only the important things that only add value to your life.  

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