Elements of a Marketing Campaign

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Marketing campaigns are organized, strategized efforts to promote a specific company goal, such as raising awareness of a new product or capturing customer feedback. They typically aim to reach consumers in a variety of ways and involve a combination of media, including but not limited to email, print advertising, television or radio advertising, pay-per-click, and social media.

There are some key elements of marketing that fit together to create a solid marketing campaign plan that drives results and delivers desired business results. While planning your marketing campaign ensure that you utilize each of these components.

  1. Research : To get the numbers you want, its important that you start with the numbers. Use research paired with your own research to establish your goals and define target audiences. This will ensure your efforts and budget are not being wasted on something non-beneficial to your target audiences.
  2. Target Audience : After your research, build target persona. A target persona is your target audiences, personified as an actual person that you can speak to, create content for and think about when planning your efforts. Without defining audiences, you could miss quality leads that you could nurture and convert into customers.
  3. Goals : Your goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and Time-sensitive. If you want your campaigns to be successful, its important that the goals you set for yourself and your team be smart enough. Setting goals is how you can prove the value of your campaign and your team’s efforts.
  4. Concept and Mission : For a successful campaign needs creative mind, designs, innovative concepts and a mission that stands out. Communication with your audiences is a must.
  5. Budget : Setting a budget helps you in identifying the channels you can use to reach your targeted audiences easily and quickly. Having a budget can help you to define the methods you are able to take within the means of your company willing to commit. Setting a budget will also help you determine what you can afford,what you need to keep in-house and what should be outsourced.
  6. Roles and Responsibilities : In a company/business, if you have multiple people working on various elements of a campaign, it is very much needed to clearly outline everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Communication between them is must for a successful campaign.
  7. Content : Build a content that clearly delivers your message, speaking to the targeted audiences. The strategy of delivering the heart of your content is critical to success.
  8. Visuals : Create eye catching visuals to target your audiences easily and quickly. Consider your target persona and what stands out to them when creating visuals and thereafter choosing images that pair with your marketing campaigns.
  9. SEO Strategy : Creating great content is one part of the campaign, but what if you want it to be found? Its essential for companies/business to make sure that there content are visible on search engines. Marketers must be creative with their SEO strategy to keep appearing in results. The strategy built must be based on your research, keywords and focused on the target audiences. This will help to boost the success of an SEO strategy.
  10. Paid efforts : There a many paid media platforms available to marketers today. From social media marketing, Google Adwords and other digital initiatives, the world of advertising could seem overwhelming to some. But, if you’ve done your research, know your target persona and understand where they spend their time and how they want to be spoken to, this will narrow down your options. Design your strategy for paid efforts around your target persona and the budget that comfortable for your company. Ensure the media you choose aligns with your overall goals and campaign plan, and it helps get you closer to reaching and converting your target persona!
  11. Curated Content : When planning a B2B marketing campaign plan, don’t forget to comb through your blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, or other content you’ve created for this target persona in the past, and re-purpose it for your campaign! Blogs can be republished, ebooks can be used in lead nurturing workflows, infographics can be shared on social media, and there are many other ways to repurpose your content that you already have within the strategy of your marketing plan! Let no content go wasted! Just be sure it’s updated when re-purposing it for your new campaign efforts.
  12. Leads : After converting leads, you will want to continue to nurture those leads and determine what type of leads they are.
  13. Sales Hand-Off : One element that's often ignored is the lead hand-off from Marketing to Sales. Remember, the goal of any marketing campaign it to generate revenue and not just leads. Clearly outline for the sales team what to expect. What kind of leads will they be getting? What should their next step with the lead be? How should they provide feedback?  
  14. Analytics : In the end all you’ve done, i.e. all the research, goals, brainstormed about your content and creative concept, aligned your efforts with your sales team’s efforts, and you’re ready to kick off your campaign. But don’t start until you determine what you will be measuring. Consistent measuring and analytics during your campaign can help you direct your efforts throughout the campaign, determining what is successful or not, and potentially helping you save money by stopping any efforts that are not showing any success. Some efforts will take time to show the success, but by having your KPI’s and analytics determined in advance, you can precisely track them over time and help to steer your marketing campaign down the road to success.

             Therefore, there are obviously many moving parts to a successful marketing campaign. By strategically planning your campaign in advance based on these above key elements, you will be able to deliver campaign results based on numbers, facts, and hard data that will drive your solid and structured marketing campaign to see great success, delivering qualified leads that your sales team can use to deliver your company’s desired business results.

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