7 Graphic Design Trends for 2019


Deeksha Honawar

Each year there are a few particular trends in design that become exceedingly popular by the end of the year. Trends are movements in design that have gained popularity through time and once they have been used excessively by a multitude of people, it becomes recognizable as a trend. Trends change every year and are defined by the various events or occurrences that happen in the preceding year. It is very useful to know of such design trends beforehand so that your brand or artwork can reach many people within a short period of time.

These are the 7 graphic design trends that are going to be popular in the year 2019 and can be used as inspiration to help you keep your brand looking contemporary:

  1. Dark mode

Deep rich black colours in images and backgrounds to contrast with the content. Apple’s latest ads for iPhone X makes use of this trend excessively.



  1. Metallic look

With the lowering cost of metal, this trend has gained popularity to add texture into images and give it an overall royal and luxurious look.



  1. Handwritten

Usage of handwritten text with rough and irregular stokes is a trend that has been observed in many magazines, products, and packages. It gives the design a sense of individuality and an overall raw outlook. There can be many variations in this particular trend from painterly and calligraphic to child-like and each can be used to satisfy their required motives.



  1. Neon Geometry

Neon geometry is a trend that is similar to the movement in art that had gained popularity in 1986. It is defined with a lot of colour and geometric shapes to give a playful, humanizing look to your design.



  1. Motion Graphic

Animating logos are increasingly gaining popularity and are largely helpful for marketing. The purpose of marketing is to attract attention to your product or service and motion graphics itself add movement in design that attracts the eye.


  1. Text Warp

Text that uses the wrap tool to give a perception of illusion to the text will increase the interest of the viewer in the overall design. This simple method that was widely used in the Bauhaus movement has proved itself to be relevant in today’s design scene too.



  1. Product Pattern

This trend is classified by the use of a product’s packaging being covered extensively with patterns that correlate to their flavour or essence. When each variation has its own pattern, this helps the customer to differentiate between all the variations of a single brand of products and hence gives a deep interaction with the product altogether. These pretty products also remain eye-catching when put on shelves with its competitors and hence have chances of getting through to a larger audience in a short period of time.



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