Blogging Tactics - How to Keep it Fresh


Dipti Nair

Blog requires more than attractive but simple content which is easily understood by audiences. Many times, 'I do not have time to write blog' is one of the most common responses given when small business owners are asked to start blogging to build their business. Creating content on a regular basis can seem difficult,but its not as bad as it sounds.No matter how showy your website or blog looks, at the end of the day it’s only as good as its content.One of the biggest challenges of running a content-dependent site is keeping your audience captivated. There are multiple streams of content competing for your audience’s attention, and unless you consistently deliver high-quality posts, they will tune out.

Blogging Tactics to help your business Blog more frequently are listed below : 

  1. Keep It Short.
  2. Look At Your Favorite Blogs In A Different Way.
  3. Go In-Depth Into Each Topic.
  4. Make Sure That Your Content Is Useful,Unique As Well As Entertaining.
  5. Publish New Blogs Posts Consistently. 
  6. Be With On Going Trends.
  7. Use Keyword Research Tool.
  8. Check Your Social Media Pages.
  9. Read About Current Events.
  10. Check Out the Comments on Your Previous Blog Posts.
  11. Keep Readers Loyal.
  12. Time-Box Your Writing. 
  13. Expand on Something Old.
  14. Grow Your Authority.
  15. Add Relevant Call To Actions At The End Of Content.
  16. Integrate Keywords Within Posts.
  17. Be Focussed To Your Content.
  18. Put It On The Calendar.
  19. Set Blog Guidelines.
  20. Keep The Writing Quality Expectations Appropriate.
  21. Set Realistic Goals.
  22. Remember The Benefits. 

 Hence, If you weren’t blogging using these tips before, you definitely will in the future. Setting up a blog for the first time or beginning to post regularly should not take months of planning. Carve out 2 hours minimum in a week and get a blog article published!

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