4 Secrets to Learning a new Language By Lydia Machova


Deeksha Honawar

Living in India with diverse cultures all around us, one is always eager to learn a new language to closely relate to a region or for purposes of documentation or convenience in communication. Learning a new language might not seem easy, but it is definitely possible says Lydia Machova, a well-known polyglot who is well-versed in 8 languages. She had attended many polyglot conventions and conferences are spoke to many polyglots about how they learn new languages. She found out that each polyglot had their very own method of learning that kept them engaged. But another important aspect that she observed was that each polyglot followed a few guidelines during their process of learning a new language.

Learning a new language is not the easiest task, but if you break it down into a few steps and follow a few simple guidelines, learning a new language can not only seem easy but fun too! Here are 5 guidelines to learn a new language:


  1. Enjoyment

Lydia says that it is important to make your method of learning as an engaging and joyful experience so that you would want to keep practicing it voluntarily. She learnt German by watching episodes of her favourite TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S in the German language. Because of her love for the series, she could watch through the first few seasons even when they sounded like gibberish! She soon began to understand what the dialogues meant and picked up the language in no time.


  1. Methods

When you learn from a textbook, the information gets stored in your short-term memory and will soon be forgotten. But to remember them for long, you need to revise them from time to time. Lydia says that one can use anything from a notebook to an app to write down all that they have learnt and revise in the method most convenient to them. One can keep referring to YouTube channels or podcasts by polyglots to find what is best suited for them.


  1. System

To achieve something as much as learning a new language, one needs to establish a disciplined system or schedule of habits to make sure they are making the most of their time. Lydia says that small habits such as listening to language learning podcasts while you are on your way to work, or sparing 15 minutes each day to practice speaking the language can increase the speed of your learning capability compared to those who don’t follow such habits.

One can surround their daily schedule to such an extent that they don’t really need to take time out to learn a new language because it has already become a part of their day.


  1. Patience

Fully learning a language isn’t possible within 2 months, says Lydia, but making significant progress and improvement in learning a language is. Every human being’s biggest motivational force is their own success, and hence having the patience to achieve it is all that it takes for one to learn a language completely.

With these 4 simple steps, learning a new language can become fun, engaging and enjoyable!

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